Here follows some tips to complete the selfie step successfully: 

- Clear cookies and cache on your device before

- Use Chrome or Chromium-based browsers

- Make sure the room is well-illuminated, but be careful with glares

- Allow Zoom's access to your camera (device settings)

- Make sure the camera is not being used somewhere else

- Allow Fractal to access your camera during the process

- Do not switch to another tab or window until the liveness detection is finished

- If you have long hair, make sure to pull it back (if a face is even partially covered by the hair, the liveness will fail)

- Please note that our camera software works better on Android devices

- Watch this video carefully to check how to follow the instructions prompted during the liveness detection 

- If the previous tips didn't work, you can log in from another device and try it with a different camera

Important note: if you try to take the selfie more than 10 times, you will only be able to try it after 24 hours.)