In general, the requested documents to complete your KYB at Fractal ID are:

  • Commercial register extract
  • Shareholders list
  • Articles of association
  • Beneficial owners' proof of address and proof of identity (identification document)
  • Company's proof of address

However, if your company is from the USA, you will be asked for a few more documents, like the Certificate of Incorporation, the Certificate of Good Standing, and the Secretary's Certificate. 

There is also a feature that enables you to identify whether a document is requested or not during your KYB onboarding. To identify it, please check if there is a light grey checked symbol in front of the section name from the left sidebar menu. 

To show you an example, the image below illustrates an optional document, which is the Power of Attorney. Note the light grey checked symbol before Power of Attorney:

It is important to mention that during your KYB verification, our operators might ask for extra documents to complement the information you have already provided.